August 1, 2023
Adrian Escude
Benefits of deferred payment in eCommerce (Buy Now, Pay Later)
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Online retailing is now fully accepted by consumers. Not long ago it seemed crazy to enter a credit card number on a website to make a purchase. Users doubted the trustworthiness of a shopping experience that was remote from the habitual physical transaction in which a customer received a product or service while the shopkeeper received hard cash. Today however almost everyone feels secure about shopping online. And once this feeling of security has been achieved, the time has come to offer new possibilities that make the shopping experience even easier. One of these is the deferred payment method for eCommerce.

What are deferred payments and how can they help you on your online store?

When we talk about deferring a payment, what we avoid is transferring the money immediately. This offers consumers an alternative that benefits them, because if they find a product or service that they want or need and lack at that particular moment the ability to afford the payment, they'll be able to acquire it and pay for it later. For their part retailers enjoy the advantage of selling something that, without such a facility in the transaction, would not have been possible. Deferred payment in eCommerce thus ensures a significantly higher conversion rate. 

There are times in the year when expenditure can exceed income and even outstrip our savings. Anyone who has kids is aware of the outlay involved at the start of the school year. Text books, school uniforms, extracurricular activities... Deferring a payment, or various payments, can avoid plenty of headaches. 

But the peaks of spending do not only occur in the - for many - ominous month of September. Christmas time, holidays, unexpected spending...The benefits of enjoying flexibility in our online shopping are extraordinary. When our wallets have a chance to recover, when we're able to devise a spending strategy that spreads our expenditure over various months and not just one or two, the household economy will emerge as the big winner. 

How can you defer your payments?

Deferred payments in eCommerce to a certain extent mimic what occurs in certain bricks and mortar stores and even improves it thanks to technological tools.

For it to be really useful, it's important that consumers know the exact day on which the amount due is going to be removed from their accounts. The transparency and trustworthiness of the retailer and the tool it uses to finance online purchases are essential if the shopping experience is to be repeated. 

Trust is exactly what SeQura offers in its deferred payment solution, which is undoubtedly one of the most advanced that exists on the market. Deferring payment by credit card involves barely a couple of clicks on the part of the customer. What follows is a brief summary of how the deferred payment in eCommerce offered by SeQura works. 

At the end of your purchase you'll be offered the option of choosing the month to which you want to defer the payment depending on the current time of year. 

Then you'll only need to enter your ID number and your mobile number in the system that opens up and pay the cost of the service. 

Subsequently you'll get an email confirming the day on which the payment for your purchase will be made.

All this with a guarantee of secure payment.

And it's as easy as that: the customers who visit your online store will be able to enjoy deferred payment on their purchases at your site.

Advantages of deferring payments in eCommerce

Having the chance to choose is always good news. We choose the colour of our shoes, the size of our shirts, the material of our socks...why shouldn't we also choose when to pay? It's clear that any establishment offering its customers the possibility of paying in instalments is demonstrating a degree of trust for which the customers will be grateful. But deferred payment has other advantages for the consumer. 

It enables the product to be tried before any payment is made

Buying an article online normally brings a degree of risk not present in offline shopping in the sense that you can't see or try it before making payment. With the deferred payment solutions in eCommerce this changes. Prior to paying you can check the degree of satisfaction the delivered product creates.

It helps you plan your expenditure in advance

There is unexpected and necessary expenditure, such as when the computer you use for work breaks down, which can upset the monthly balance of income and outgoings. If you choose the flexible purchase option online, you can structure it in advance.

It doesn't require paperwork

If you've ever wondered about paying in instalments it's likely that you've felt overwhelmed by the endless paperwork involved. In solutions for eCommerce like SeQura the paperwork vanishes. Just enter your ID number and mobile number and in a click you'll be able to defer payment.   

SeQura: The deferred payment method ideal for your eCommerce business

As you can see, using the deferred payment method for eCommerce represents an authentic revolution in online retailing payment methods. Flexibility, security, simplicity and trust that are undoubtedly going to help you feel that your shopping experience is infinitely more agreeable than the one you're used to. This is why at SeQura we're offering you our payment solutions for eCommerce!

  • Split into 3: With this payment method users can divide their purchases into 3 convenient instalments.
  • Pay Later: Users can shop at your online store without concerning themselves about the expenditure. Buy the product there and then and start paying for it after 7 days.
  • Split payment: SeQura's split payment gives your users the option of choosing how they want to make payment for their purchases. They only have to choose the number of instalments they want to split their purchase into.

If you're interested in incorporating deferred payment methods into your online store, don't hesitate to contact us and a team of professionals will attend to you without any type of commitment on your part. We'll study your circumstances and take it on ourselves to advise you throughout the process. Don't prevaricate any longer and give your customers the chance of paying how and when they want!